Wuhan: LED is difficult to position traditional lamps

[Source: Gaogong LED 's " LED Lighting Channel" magazine February issue reporter / Liao Tie]

LED is difficult to traditional lamps

   According to a local survey conducted by the reporter in Wuhan, the market share of LED lighting products in some brands of lighting stores is on the rise. According to NVC Lighting Operator of IKEA Building Materials City, LED semiconductor lighting products account for nearly 40% of the various types of lamps sold in the store, and 70% of these 40% are home lighting channels.

In response to the current market gap left by incandescent lamps, Ma Xinglong, technical manager of Hubei Zhongzheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., said, “It is planned to increase the production of existing energy-saving lamps and the research and development of LED lighting to cope with the pressure on the production equipment after the incandescent lamps are banned. The challenge, and the current LED market penetration rate in the entire terminal market in Wuhan is about 9%."

Traditional lighting still has an absolute advantage in market share, and the LED market penetration rate is still relatively low. According to the analysis of the lighting market in Wuhan, it can be summarized as the following reasons:

First, the franchise store price is high. The price of a 5 watt LED bulb is about 65-75 yuan, and the energy-saving lamp with a light effect is about 8-15 yuan, and the price difference is several times;

   Second, the retail channel is not smooth. In large-scale commercial supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart and Carrefour, only a small share of LED lighting is on sale, the brand is extremely limited, while other large-scale commercial vehicles are still mainly based on energy-saving lamps;

   Third, the promotion is relatively lagging behind. There are many enterprises specializing in the production of LED lamps in China, and there are only a few franchise stores selling LED lighting products. The merchants have insufficient knowledge of their own brands and cannot correctly convey the advantages of LED products to consumers.

NVC, Philips, Opp occupy the market

   According to industry analysts, the LED lights sold in the local market are mainly produced in Guangdong, and the brands are mainly based on NVC and Langshi. With the vigorous development of Wuhan Optics Valley optoelectronic information industry, among the local LED companies, mainly producers such as Himalayan, Huacan, Rixin and Sunshine. From the analysis of Wuhan Evergreen Lighting City and Tianxiang Lighting City, many dealers have been limited by the short price of high prices, and the sales of LED products in the market are not good. In order to reduce costs, many brands of LED lamps are processed on behalf of the factory, and the quality is often shoddy, the market is full of low-end inferior products.

Among the consumers, the well-known LED brands are NVC, Philips, and Op. It is estimated that these three brands only have more than 20 large and small store sales in Hanlai Square, and they are guided by absolute advantages. Local LED sales market.

Downlights, spotlights, ceiling lights are favored

   The owner of the Wuhan Huari Lighting Store told the reporter that the downlights, spotlights and ceiling lamps of the LED products sold by the store accounted for more than 65% of the sales volume. Combined with the solar “roof plan” launched by Hubei, it puts forward new requirements for environmentally friendly low-carbon energy conservation for indoor commercial lighting. In the new round of government procurement, LED products have naturally become the first choice.

For the lighting of ordinary home decoration, LED downlights can be embedded in the building during installation, harmonious with the interior architectural decoration, the light source is symmetrical and soft; LED spotlights meet the consumer's requirements for home lighting accessories. Strong light perception and high color purity have already entered the family of newly renovated houses; LED ceiling lights are more advantageous than traditional energy-saving lamps in terms of energy consumption and aesthetics, although they are slightly higher in price, but with technological innovation And the cost reduction, entering the mainstream indoor commercial market is just around the corner.

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