VoLTE technology makes our voices less messy

VoLTE is an IMS-based voice service. It is an IP data transmission technology that does not require a 2G/3G network. All services are carried on a 4G network, which enables data and voice services to be unified under the same network. The 4G network not only provides high-speed data services, but also provides high-quality audio and video calls. The latter needs VoLTE technology to achieve it. To put it bluntly, VoLTE is a 4G phone.

Since 2015, the three major operators in China have upgraded 4G to “4G+”, achieving higher network speed (based on CA carrier aggregation technology) on the basis of the original 4G, and also brought VoLTE HD calls. In addition to network operators upgrading the network, mobile phone manufacturers upgrade the system (installation of related client applications), chip manufacturers should also upgrade the baseband chips to jointly create the era of VoLTE calls. At the launch conference of mobile phone manufacturers last year to this year, it is no longer a new thing to carry VoLTE technology. It is foreseeable that more and more mobile phones support VoLTE technology in the future.

VoLTE technology makes our voices less messy

Huawei's Kirin processor integrates the Balong baseband chip, and the Balong710 baseband integrated on the Kirin620 processor supports VoLTE technology. The Kirin 950 series chip was the first to commercialize the ARM Cortex-A72 core. It was also the first chip platform to be certified by China Mobile VoLTE, and it also brought a pleasant sound experience to the 4G era.

VoLTE technology makes our voices less messy

Therefore, as the 2016 new V series flagship glory V8 also supports VoLTE technology. This is also one of the important selling points for the Glory V8 to attract consumers, in addition to the attractiveness of dual lens, long battery life and 2K screen.

Supported Kirin 950 series chip, support

China Mobile's VoLTE voice standard, the improvement of call quality and stability, is of great significance to the salespersons, family members and couples who need frequent telephone contact. I remember that Xiaobian had seen a mobile phone advertisement before, a pair of lovers because of mobile phones. The quality of the calls is poor and misunderstood. Everyone doesn't want their loved ones to scream on the other side of the phone, but they can't hear their true words. I believe that VoLTE allows everyone to talk as if they are next to each other, and their hearts are closer.

So for the glory V8 to support VoLTE voice calls, from which aspects can you experience?

1, the call is faster

VoLTE technology makes our voices less messy

If it is before, it may be connected to the phone, waiting for 5-8 seconds of "beep" sound, and using VoLTE is not 2 seconds.

2, the phone will never break the network again

VoLTE technology makes our voices less messy

It may be that many users have encountered such a situation, when the phone is connected, the mobile phone data connection is broken. With VoLTE, you can surf the Internet while you are on the phone. If you want to check things, check them online and tell them.

3, the call quality is better

VoLTE technology makes our voices less messy

In the past, 4G mobile phones were still calling 2G, so the quality of the call did not change. With VoLTE, the voice of the call is clearer and it is not easy to disconnect.

It is foreseeable that VoLTE will become the mainstream of the future with the continuous development of the terminal industry. I don't know if the phone you are using supports VoLTE at this time?

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