The impact of the home gateway system on smart homes

Home gateways and home smart gateways are not yet specifically defined. They can be distinguished from functions and services. The home gateway is a physical interface that connects all the external access networks to the home and connects the home internal network to the outside. It also enables residential users to access a variety of home services platforms.

The home smart gateway has two functions of smart home control hub and wireless routing, and is responsible for specific security alarms, home appliance control, and power information collection. Data interaction with products such as intelligent interactive terminals through wireless means. It also has wireless routing capabilities, excellent wireless performance, network security and coverage. Therefore, from the perspective of the above two functions, the home smart gateway is more targeted, and it is more targeted at "smart" homes. Make the home gateway deeper and more detailed. Therefore, the home smart gateway is included in the home gateway.

The home network system adopts a hierarchical network topology structure and is divided into two network segments: a home main network and a home control subnet. The gateway system consists of ASP.NET server components, network connection controls, home elbows, and devices. The home main network is mainly responsible for communicating with the external network, and the devices in the home control subnet communicate with the outside through the sub-gateway and the main gateway. If a home gateway is viewed as an information processing system, the units that make up the system are the devices that are connected to each node of the network. The gateway system consists of ASP.NET server components, network connection controls, a strong gateway, and devices. Reflected in the specific control of the smart home, such as: air conditioning, you can use the WEB interface used by ASP.NET server components to adjust the air conditioning temperature, wind direction and mode.

As mentioned above, the home gateway can also realize remote management and monitoring of various smart devices in the home network, thereby performing simple maintenance and control on the "smart home" products. This range does not limit users, locations, or even network access methods. As long as access to the network is accessed, common data can be manipulated. But it also caused the problem of user privacy leaks. In this regard, there are also manufacturers in the market to adapt to market demand and develop solutions with good privacy. For example, the design of network connection control technology, etc., can also support the home network architecture of the home network standard protocol to achieve multi-protocol fusion.

With the rapid development of home network technology, competition between home network standards has made it difficult for home gateways and home appliance manufacturers to choose a protocol as their own product standard. The lack of such a unified protocol standard in the market has led downstream equipment manufacturers to produce equipment according to different interface standards and protocols. It is very difficult to interconnect and interconnect different devices. Conversely, as a manufacturer, manufacturers have a headache because of the specific installation problems caused by the lack of equipment. Therefore, the standards for gateways, network protocols, and devices urgently need to be unified.

The domestic home gateway is still in its infancy, in addition to the price, the technical lack of diversity and weak compatibility. In addition, bandwidth transmission will also affect system transmission. According to Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the average broadband connection speed in China is about 100Kb per second, which is far lower than the average speed of about 230Kb per second in developed countries. The broadband is not "wide". The problem of bandwidth also directly affects the delay of the smart home system when operating instructions. The home gateway also has a great demand for bandwidth transmission. The smart home controller undertakes data collection, protocol conversion, communication forwarding, and Control release and storage configuration functions. If the bandwidth can not meet the demand, it will limit the function of the gateway and the supporting smart home facilities, and can not provide a good user experience, which is extremely detrimental to the intelligent home control and the popularization of the equipment.

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