Taiwan LED packaging factory's March revenue generally rebounded 1 to 20%

The LED factory industry has rebounded from the bottom of the industry. From the performance of various revenues, it has generally seen a rebound in February this year. The strength of the rebound in March is even stronger, with a growth rate of about 1% to 20%. Increased by 52.96%.

In the low-temperature lighting and commercial lighting shipments, Huaxing Electronics rushed to 166 million Taiwan dollars in March, which was a new increase of 52.96% compared with February's 109 million yuan. The annual increase was 32.14%. A new high in 20 months. The accumulated combined revenue for the first quarter was NT$398 million, an annual growth of 10.4%, which is a small number of manufacturers in the LED factory with positive annual growth rate.

LED chip faucet plant Jingdian's revenue in March was 1.436 billion NT dollars, a new high in 8 months, with a monthly increase of 21.16%, down 15.44% compared with last year; Taigu March recovery recovered to 173 million new Taiwan dollar increased by 30.94% month-on-month, and the annual decrease was as high as 43.84%.

The packaging company's billion-deno revenue in March was 1.376 billion yuan, up 12.7% month-on-month and 5.75% year-on-year, a nine-month high. Dongbei's March revenues reached NT$408 million, with a monthly growth rate of 28%; consolidated revenues were NT$420 million, with a monthly growth rate of 20%. Dongbei said that revenues have been received since the end of last year. The situation is clearly improving month by month.

Dingyuan's revenue in March was NT$243 million, down 24.5% year-on-year. Compared with February's NT$206 million, it grew 17.97%. In the second quarter, revenue is expected to grow month by month.

The revenue of Haohong in March was NT$322 million, with a monthly growth rate of 23.07%, which grew for two consecutive months, with an annual decrease of 22.01%. Edison's March revenue was NT$213 million, a monthly increase of 8.83% and an annual decrease of 17.29%. Ronda’s revenue in March was NT$797 million, up 6.9% from February and 2.6% from the same period last year.

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