SiC and GaN devices or large power market

SiC and GaN devices or large power market In the past two decades, silicon carbide semiconductor materials have begun to be taken seriously by insiders because it has many advantages. As early as in the 1950s, semiconductor SiC was introduced in the work of semiconductor physics written by Huang Kun and Xie Xide. The earliest material for making semiconductor devices was ruthenium. Later, silicon and three or five semiconductor materials reached the stage of history. Until now, high-voltage, high-current devices such as thyristors and IGBTs in the power electronics field still use silicon single-crystal materials. As a result of breakthroughs in the design theory of silicon carbide devices, people's expectations for higher-performance, high-power semiconductor devices are becoming more and more urgent.

According to authoritative media analysis, SiC and GaN devices will enter the power electronics market. It is expected that by 2020, SiC and GaN power devices will gain 14% and 8% market share, respectively. The future development of the power electronic components market will be more focused on the technological innovation of SiC and GaN.

SiC devices will lead GaN because of better maturity and reliability. The growth momentum of SiC power devices mainly comes from the renewable energy sector, and the market share in the solar energy market will reach 32%. In the field of rail transit, the application of SiC and GaN is equivalent, and it is expected that by 2020, the market share of the two will be 16% and 15%, respectively. In the IT and electronic equipment market, GaN has more advantages than SiC, and it is estimated that its market share will reach 14% in 2020.

GaN has just started but is full of stamina. GaN is a wide bandgap material that offers SiC-like performance characteristics, but with greater cost reduction potential. This cost-performance advantage is possible because GaN power devices can be grown on silicon substrates at a lower cost than SiC substrates.

As the global economic downturn and the price decline of SiC are not as large as expected, the demand market for SiC and GaN power devices has not seen strong growth in recent years. In contrast, the industry’s confidence in GaN technology began to increase as more semiconductor suppliers announced GaN’s development plans.

With the completion of relevant national policies and the rise of strategic emerging industries, power electronics technology will be used in important fields such as wind power, solar energy, heat pumps, hydropower, biomass, green buildings, new energy equipment, electric vehicles and other advanced manufacturing industries. The important role, and many of these areas are in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" with trillions or more of market size, which will inevitably promote the rapid development of power electronics technology and industry, ushering in major opportunities for development.

It is reported that PEC Power Electronics Suzhou Station (October 25-26, Suzhou Convention Center) will usher in industry-renowned companies and industry experts to discuss the future development trend of SiC and GaN, and whether it can truly be The national economy has brought about qualitative leap and other topics. Such as Cree Career will be grandly attended the meeting, and to bring the audience a wonderful speech on the development and application of silicon carbide devices, experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Nano Institute, will be the industry to share knowledge of GaN power electronic devices.


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