Ningbo plans to complete the transformation of 5087盏 LED street lights before the end of the year

On September 26, three road LED street lights, such as Changxing East Road, Ninglang Road and Tonghui East Road, Jiangbei New City, Zhejiang Province, were lighted up, marking the LED street light renovation project implemented by the Municipal Urban Management Municipal (Drainage) Management Office this year. Started. The scope of the renovation project is to the north of the North Outer Ring of Jiangbei District and the area west of National Highway 329. It involves 62 main and secondary trunk roads and branch roads, and the renovation of street lamps is 5087盏, which is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

This year's LED streetlight renovation project adopts the contract energy management (EMC) model. During the contract energy management period, the participating companies self-raised funds to complete the energy-saving renovation of the designated road lighting. Under the premise that the lighting indicators meet the standard, the reduced lamp power is reduced. The electricity bill is paid as a return on investment. After the contract is over, the energy-saving equipment and all subsequent energy-saving benefits are owned by the government. The contract period for this tender is 6 years. According to the bidding agreement, the participating enterprises will receive 90% energy saving benefits during the contract period. In other words, the government does not have to pay a penny, does not need to take any risks, and can also get 10% energy efficiency.

It is reported that after the implementation of the project, good road lighting will create a comfortable and pleasant light environment for the citizens to travel at night. At the same time, it is estimated that the power saving rate is about 40%, saving 2.85 million kWh per year, which can be used by more than 1,000 urban households. Electricity consumption; 1026 tons of standard coal can be saved every year, 2667 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 24.6 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions.

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