Motion Capture Robot Control Analysis Solution

First, the application of motion capture technology in robot control

(1) What is the motion capture remote control robot technology

The robot transmits the information of the dangerous environment to the controller, and the controller makes various actions according to the information. The motion capture system captures the motion, transmits it to the robot in real time and controls it to perform the same action.

(2) The function of motion capture technology in the field of robotics

1. The application of motion capture system in the field of robots is: bio-optimization, dynamic feedback of bionic robots , inspection and detection of robots.

2, control mode:

1 humanoid real-time motion mode;

2 specific command program drive mode.

3. Types of controllable robots:

1 humanoid robot: A. limb; B. face.

2 four-legged robots.

3 other types of robots.

Second, the Oriental Xinyi - motion capture robot control analysis system

(I. Overview

In the field of robot control, Dongfang Xinyi-motion capture robot control analysis system can provide users with accurate real-time data. For the redundant control of robot control, coordinated control of multi-arm motion, and power control, Dongrui's system can effectively help establish electronic feedforward and feedback control systems.

The Oriental Xinyi-Motion Capture Robot Control and Analysis System firstly obtains the human body motion trajectory data in real time through the Oriental New Motion Capture System. Through the motion capture trajectory data analysis and display platform software, the motion data display and the robot control parameter calculation for the motion data are performed. Virtual robot motion control display and analysis research. On this basis, the user is assisted in real-time interface between the motion capture system and the user's robot control system, thereby realizing the real-time remote operation control of the robot simulation. In order to tackle this technology as early as possible, it is especially important to purchase motion capture systems and obtain professional technical support from the development technicians of motion capture system manufacturers.

(two) system composition

The equipment and supporting software included in this system:

1. Oriental Xinrui-DIMS-9100 three-dimensional motion capture system 1 set

2, motion capture trajectory data analysis display platform software 1 set

3, motion capture robot teleoperation real-time control platform software 1 set

4, motion capture teleoperation robot 1 set

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