More attention than Xiaomi Internet TV whale CES debut attracts global attention

(Li Weiyu, CEO of Micro Whale Technology, and Wendell Weeks, CEO of Corning)

Recently, the most global non-CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) is none other than, as an annual large-scale science and technology activities, attracted the attention of countless media and manufacturers around the world. In this release, micro whale, millet TV new products Compared to LeTV, it should be a bit brighter. However, when it comes to smart TVs, micro-whales that focus on smart TVs have more advantages. Although at the CES show, micro-whales did not hold high-profile conferences, micro-whales brought the world’s first three. Ultra-thin limit split TV, this new product has been highly recognized by the industry and suppliers, it is said that at this CES, the micro whale settled a lot of suppliers big coffee Oh, do not know whether there will be a big surprise in 2017.
Regarding the surprise, we put aside, what kind of black technology did the world’s first ultra-thin triple-lime TV, the latest launch of the microwhale, get so high? The following Xiao Bian took everyone to take a look.
At this year's CES, we also unveiled the annual "Global Top Brands 2016" list (the selection activity was hosted by IDG), the world's first ultra-small ultra-small whale launch. Thin TV won the “Global TV Product Industrial Design Award of the Year” in one fell swoop, and it was also the first brand to receive this award. This is a high-level recognition of the world’s top exhibitions for micro whale product design and domestic products.
Micro whale three ultra-thin TV is a 4.9mm ultra-thin concept machine built by Corning, which incorporates three ultra-thin ultra-thin (thinest thinnest, thickest thinnest, thinnest distance from the wall). The concept is the world's first triple limit ultra-thin splitter. Emphasizing the use of the lowest space area for maximum visual space, and occupying only the “one-line sky” space, it can provide users with the opportunity to see the wonderful world and lift the television industrial design to a new height, in addition to the high value, Fine craftsmanship, the aircraft is even more top-level hardware configuration, causing great concern in the industry.
Although micro-whales are the descendants of Internet TV, with the focus on Internet TV and the strong investment in technology and content, the micro-whales are quickly positioned in the Internet TV industry and have received unanimous recognition from the industry and the supply chain. Microwhale Technology was established 16 months ago.
● In August 2016, the 78-inch Sky Whale won the Chinese Design Top Honor Award for Design Award
● In October 2016, the 49-inch "Microwhale TV 2nd Generation" won the Gold Award, and the 78-inch Sky TV and Fisheye Smart Camera won the Good Design Excellence Award.
Wang Zhengxian said: “Specifically speaking, it is the design that should be harmonious as a whole, the technology should be iterative and innovative, the products should be exquisitely compact, and the experience should be simple and convenient.” Microwhale Technology has always been following the trend and persisting in product innovation, demonstrating the company’s strong As a technology company, as a company that insists on self, the microwhale never imitates millet or LeTV, but instead insists on its own line and based on “technology + media” as a technology company that truly serves its users.
Up to now, Microwhale has released more than a dozen television products (product lines covering most of the sizes), and has also introduced entertainment video-related products, such as the smart whale projection, VR integrated machine, audio, etc., to create a smart terminal. matrix. In terms of technical personality, Microwhale continues to break through various technical barriers and joins the family of the MIT Media Lab, joining forces with Jaunt and NextVR to create the ultimate VR resource library.
When many manufacturers' VR technology is still in the toy stage, VR has a global technical team in the industry, and participated in live streaming of Faye Wong's “Wonderful One” concert with top VR technology, creating the first 360-degree panoramic webcast in the world. The VR live broadcast record with the largest number of Chinese VR viewers and the most paid viewers in VR history has become a major event in the history of VR development and has successfully displayed a muscle.
Microwhale Technology, a 16-month-old company, has released a number of top-tier products in the industry, and has a good user word of mouth. This time it was highly praised at CES. Xiaobian believes that in 2017, Small whales will make better, more innovative and good products because of their focus and professionalism.

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