Lighting 9:00: Panasonic lighting transformation wants to be the lighting boss

Lighting nine o'clock: take you through the full information, to create the industry flagship!

[Immediate focus]
Panasonic lighting strategy transformation wants to be China's lighting boss

In 2009, in the face of the sudden financial crisis, coupled with the already shrinking ring light in the Japanese sales market, Matsushita’s headquarters made a decision to transform and moved to Yizhuang. It was during such a turning point that Xipu Yiqing took office this year. It set off the banner of Beijing Songxia Lighting Transformation and led the company from a lighting supplier specializing in export to the leader of the Chinese lighting market.

[Domestic News]
The status quo and trend of overall home lighting The overall home lighting is a very hot concept in the industry in recent years. As if overnight, the industry has poured out dozens of overall home lighting brands.
Conceptually, it covers all areas of home lighting, and its content and extension are very broad. Big and comprehensive is the best footnote to this concept, but unfortunately many companies are not well-known.

[International News]
The global energy-saving trend prevails in energy-saving products. The development of the mainstream lighting industry in the lighting market has undoubtedly progressed steadily, and the market situation in the future is even better. Due to the popularity of the real estate market in recent years, the demand for products for lighting products is also growing. With the deepening of low-carbon life in China, energy-saving products have gradually become the mainstream of the lighting market. The following is a forecast of the trends of lighting products in 2010 for reference by enterprises.

[Enterprise Connection]
Lamp Mart head office reloading upgrade May 1 debut (Photos)
Bringing together the world's high-end lighting brands to lead the fashion trend of home. After several months of careful construction, the lamp Mart No. 1 Bridge main store was reinstalled and upgraded, May 1 is about to debut. At that time, the world famous lanterns will be presented on the first bridge. The lamp will invite you to feel the low-key luxury of the home, and bring you the perfect lighting experience in the real light environment.

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