LED manufacturers operate a turn

After the new application of the light-emitting diode (LED) industry this year, the operation of the round (3061), Guanglei (2430) and Dongbei (2499) will turn around this year, and Yuanyuan and Guanglei will turn a profit. Bay will also step out of the shadow of the electronic toll collection system (ETC), Dongbei profit doubled this year

The LED group performed very well last year. The leading company's Everlight Electronics earned nearly 6 yuan per share. However, there are still losses in Guanglei, Yuanyuan and Yuan arsenic, but since this year, due to the 7 姘宕罅 姘宕罅 姘宕罅 捎 manganese ED As a backlight, and the backlight of the notebook computer will be shipped from the second quarter, the LED group will no longer lose money.
Huang Leiqiang, general manager of Guanglei, said yesterday (14) that Guanglei’s profit in the LED industry reached 13 to 1.4 billion yuan last year. However, due to the end of the OLED sector, it will still lose money last year. In addition to the continued profitability of LED, the OLEDs with a loss of 60 million per month in the past will no longer lose money. With the reduction of more than 2 billion yuan, Huang Yongqiang said: "Guang Lei's operation has turned around this year." Dongbei was affected by the controversy of ETC last year, and listed the allowance for bad debts of the relevant stocks, making Dongbei's profit for the whole year last year about 100 million yuan. However, last week, the highway electronic toll collection (ETC) operation was reopened. As one of the bidders, Taiwan Yutong believed that the condition of the expressway bureau was biased towards the infrared system, it decided to withdraw from the trial, so that the ETC has decided to continue from the remote power supply. Operation, the follow-up development of ETC is still beneficial to Dongbei. However, Dongbei has already focused its development on the backlight of LED. Wu Qinghui, chairman of Dongbei Optoelectronics, said that Dongbei’s first-quarter orders were fully loaded, and the monthly capacity utilization rate was 20% higher than that of December last year. LED backlight Order visibility has reached March. Wu Qinghui analyzed that this year's LED application increased in the 7th, and the market penetration rate last year was only 30%. This year, it is expected to reach 80%. Dongbei has an earlier layout in this field. The revenue of LED backlights can reach 1.8 billion yuan, double the amount of 800 million yuan last year. It is understood that Chi Mei Electronics has received orders for LED backlight modules from notebook computer manufacturers, and Yuyuan and Dongbei are already Chi Mei Jingjing. From the grain to the main supply chain of the package, the round Nanke plant will be mass-produced from January this year, the capacity of blue-green light will double this year, and the monthly production capacity will reach 300 million. Accounted for 70% of the proportion of revenue.


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