Kai Bor Box update latest Alibaba Cloud black screen shutdown solution

Are you in the process of upgrading Bor, after upgrading? Become an Ali cloud interface? Is it not possible to use more functions? For example, clear memory; for example, the option to enter Android settings is gone; for example, you cannot set and install other input methods yourself; compatibility with other software is also poor; aggregates cannot be used; do not worry may be the problem of the new version of Ali cloud.

Recently, many Kaibor users have discovered that after the player is updated to the latest Ali number entertainment system (version information: 3.2.1-R-20161026.1500), an automatic black screen shutdown will occur, and the remote control will fail to start up. It needs to be turned off to restart. Can start the phenomenon. What's going on here?

After Xiaobian's research found that this is not a malfunction of the player, but the latest version of the player has become dormant.

Here's a look at how to solve this problem!

The first step, open the settings - recommended

The second step, find the system settings, click the remote control OK button to enter the settings, find the image and sound settings (the third tab on the picture)

The third step, find the image and sound - wallpaper

The fourth step, enter the image with the sound settings, find the automatic sleep tag

The fifth step, after entering the automatic sleep setting, use the remote control to transfer to the bottom of the "never", click the OK button

After setting is complete, exit the settings and use it directly.

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