Interpretation of Global Efficient Lighting Product Certification ELI

In order to further expand the influence of ELI in more countries, to explore more sales channels for enterprises, reduce the cost of certification, increase the cost of inspection standards, and the inconvenience of operation, and enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprise products, ELI ( Global Efficient Lighting Product Certification) and Fangyuan Mark Certification Group Product Certification Co., Ltd. implemented the EU assistance SUS BIRD project, incorporating ELI certified products into the Product Information System (PIS), and promoting ELI certified products for decoration and decoration companies and end users.

The Asian Lighting Alliance (ALC) is committed to improving the quality of energy efficient lighting products to promote energy security and mitigate climate change. ALC works with regional organizations to achieve standards for standards, test methods, product quality, lighting energy efficiency, lighting education and climate change.

ELI and ALC signed a memorandum of understanding to achieve bilateral cooperation in the following areas:

ELI and ALC have jointly revised the technical specifications of ELI self-ballasted fluorescent lamps to promote collaboration between the two parties.

ELI and ALC collaborate to promote and promote their respective networks and use their respective networks to promote the quality of efficient lighting products worldwide.

Asian energy efficiency standards and labeling/certification effectively establish and implement barrier elimination projects (BRESL projects). As a partner of the BRESL project, ELI will strengthen communication and coordination with the BRESL project and support related activities, which will contribute to the further development of ES&L and the establishment of regional energy efficiency standards and identity alliances (REESL).

The purpose of ELI

ELI - aims to provide fair, transparent and convenient lighting product energy efficiency quality certification and promote high quality and efficient lighting production on a global scale.

About ELI

ELI is the abbreviation of Global Efficient Lighting Product Certification. It aims to develop high-efficiency lighting product certification services worldwide, and promote and promote the development and application of efficient lighting technology. ELI-certified products can use ELI's "green leaf" logo.

Executive agency

In 2004, with the support of the Global Environment Foundation (GEF) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Center for Certification (CSC) fully undertook the ELI Global Efficient Lighting Product Certification Program and established a non-profit organization. - ELI Quality CerTIficaTIon InsTItute manages the operation of ELI. In May 2010, the ELI project was officially taken over by Fangyuan Mark Certification Group Product Certification Co., Ltd. (CQM). Based on the previous projects, ELI will continue to carry out efficient lighting product certification services and promotion activities around the world, and employ experts from Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America to work together.

development strategy

Based on developing countries and countries with economies in transition, ELI develops “leading” energy efficiency and quality standards for lighting products.

ELI will promote the popularization of high-quality and efficient lighting products and improve the society's understanding of high-efficiency lighting products and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through extensive exchanges and cooperation with lighting product manufacturers, distributors, relevant international organizations, government departments and other organizations. At the same time, ELI is also actively exploring the mutual recognition and recognition of voluntary performance and effectiveness identification projects.


The main target groups of ELI are:

Lighting manufacturers and importers use the ELI logo to obtain a wider range of profits;

Lighting project manager and bulk purchasing users, purchasing ELI-certified lighting products, and immediately joining the ELI Global Purchasing Network;

Government decision makers and managers are more able to understand the international standards for energy efficiency and quality of lighting equipment.

The ultimate beneficiary of ELI is the user, and the ELI logo helps users to more easily identify and purchase quality and efficient lighting products.

How to participate in ELI?

Producer - submit proof

Importer - Imported ELI certified products

Bulk purchase users - designated ELI certified products

Government decision makers or managers - implementing ELI technical specifications

ELI authentication mode

Product Inspection (Test Report from ELI Accredited Laboratories)

Document and data review (manufacturers must provide relevant quality management documents and data)

Post-certification supervision

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