Industry ** Look at the "intelligent" movement of color TV companies

Recently, Samsung and LG, two leading consumer electronics companies in Korea, have released new product strategies. What surprised the industry is that "intelligence" has become their common strategic theme.

In fact, under the impact of the growth bottleneck in the traditional TV market and the impact of Internet multimedia terminals, the traditional TV industry model faces a new revolution.

Just a few quarters ago, Samsung released its first-quarter earnings report, which showed that during the period, profit fell by 34% year-on-year. One of the reasons is that the low demand of consumers has caused the prices of TVs and LCDs to drop. There is no doubt that the traditional TV industry model will face the pressure of transformation.

As the world's leading consumer electronics company, Samsung Electronics will integrate the advantages of the traditional consumer electronics industry into a new technology business model, which will determine the success of Samsung's reform, but also related to the future of the Samsung market.

One of Samsung’s preludes to this change was the cooperation agreement reached with Sina on April 6. Jin Rongxia, president of Samsung Electronics in Greater China, told reporters that in Samsung’s recent launch of some smart TV products, the Sina Weibo client will be built--this will be Sina Weibo’s hot social application software product in the Chinese Internet market. For the first time built-in cooperation with the TV terminal.

“In fact, social TV is not just a simple video sharing function.” Zhou Xiaoyang, general manager of Samsung Electronics’ online business department, told this reporter that Samsung is researching and discussing with Sina on video sharing and business models: "At present, this program is advancing."

Samsung's hand-in-hand with Sina Weibo is just a microcosm of Samsung's smart strategy. At the same time that Samsung and Sina announced their cooperation, Samsung has also entered into cooperation with BesTV, a new media platform under Shanghai Oriental Media Group, and Internet company TOM Group, to construct a new smart TV industry ecosystem.

BesTV is currently one of the few organizations approved by SARFT to allow the provision of Internet TV broadcast control services. Through cooperation, Samsung Smart TV will obtain licensed video content from BesTV for hundreds of thousands of hours, and can use Weibo to further share and share among different users.

More than that, through the unique web browser of Samsung Smart TV, you can also access the TOM network's Internet information and other online entertainment content. The ultimate realization of interconnection between TV, PC, and mobile smart terminals.

"Samsung Electronics covers almost all major consumer electronics product lines. Our rich product layout is a big advantage for us to achieve convergence between different terminals," said Jin Rongxia.

But this does not mean that Samsung's smart strategy will be a smooth road.

"How to get Samsung's products to be shared is indeed a very complicated issue. The challenge for us is how to unify the three products into one platform." Zhou Xiaoyang said that because of the difference between different terminals The technology standards, the pre-Samsung will use wifi or Bluetooth and other technologies to connect different terminals: "These technologies are gradually advancing, all at once want to solve all difficult."

According to this reporter's understanding, based on the integration of different terminals, Samsung has long tried. Jin Rongxia revealed that in recent years, Samsung has developed a unified application platform for smart phones and TVs: “The content that can be carried by big screens and small screens is different, so there must be some differentiated management, but it will be in a unified Application on the platform."

In fact, the challenges faced by Samsung's smart strategy are far more than the technology itself, and there are rivals from the industry. Just one week before Samsung released its intelligent strategy, Motorola also released a smart integration strategy based on different terminals. "Obviously, compared to Samsung's full product line coverage, Motorola, which focuses on mobile terminals, has a stronger concentration." "Mobile Internet Gene," and it will once again go with Samsung to PK collapse, and the contest is not limited to the field of mobile phones.

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