Industrial Ethernet, continuous march in controversy and pursuit


In the past two decades, due to the rapid development of communication technology, computer technology and network technology, the field of industrial automation control has been rapidly improved and reformed. Automation engineers not only boldly apply this new technology to industrial practice. At the same time, there has been a fierce debate in the academic field, and its focus is nothing more than:

* Various fieldbus technology disputes

* Technology dispute between PC-based controller and PLC controller

* Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet technology battles

After nearly two decades of debate, the fieldbus has been finalized. The eight buses are summarized in an international standard of IEC 61158. The generation of this standard is not only a comparison of the application of technology, but also the economic interests of countries. The standards are incompatible with each other and become an international standard without uniform standards. It seems that the pure technical standards of OPC are obviously not feasible in the TC 65 committee. At the same time, the debate between PC-based controllers and PLC controllers has been held for more than a decade, and the PLC controller manufacturer expressed support for the development of PC-based controllers, but more of a wait-and-see attitude, while PC-based The new development plant of the controller has been at a disadvantage due to its small scale, small market and shortage of funds. Only when waiting for the awakening of large companies will a new situation emerge. The only thing that is gratifying is that the International Standards Organization does not use one or several controllers as an international standard, but also leaves a glimmer of hope for those who are engaged in automatic control, and strives to engage in new technologies and new products. Recently, new signs have emerged in the field of PC control technology. The new industrial controller dispute is about to unfold, that is, the dispute between PAC and PLC. The origin of this new debate is precisely related to the application and development of industrial Ethernet technology in the field of control. .

Industrial Ethernet

In fact, it is an argument about how to apply modern communication technology to industrial automation control issues. A deeper analysis is the debate over the widely used fieldbus and the growing industrial Ethernet technology. Fieldbus is opposed to the industrial Ethernet access control system's field layer to maintain its position in the field layer signal transmission, and new The Industrial Ethernet faction underestimates the role of the fieldbus and makes Industrial Ethernet technology a godsend. What is the end of the network, transparent network, etc., the original fieldbus group used their priority in the international standard, first extended the IEC 61158 bus system to the Ethernet field, both the FF bus developed into HSE, ControlNet developed into EtherNet /IP, Profibus and Interbus have jointly developed into ProfiNet, and World-FIP has automatically withdrawn from the historical arena. More than the original field bus, or no opportunity to enter the fieldbus standard, but also to develop industrial Ethernet technology directly into the standard of industrial communications. Such as Modbus-TCP, PowerLink, EtherCat and EPA in China have become PAS files.

IEC 61158 evolved into IEC 61784-1

Bus Foundation FF developed into HSE

ControlNet develops into EtherNet/IP

Profibus and Interbus develop into ProfiNet

IEC 61784 does not exclude the addition of new technologies

Modbus-TCP, PowerLink, EtherCat, EPA. . (PAS)

It turns out that the development of modern automatic control is closely related to the development of modern communication technology. Both fieldbus and industrial Ethernet play a decisive role in the decentralization, digitization and intelligent integration of industrial control systems. So looking at the above debate is a great inspiration for how we think about the rapid development of industrial Ethernet technology. In the debate, we need to understand the different industrial Ethernet technologies and make a corresponding comparison. This will clarify the impact of future industrial Ethernet technology on industrial control systems. The following is a brief description of several industrial Ethernet technologies that are currently discussed.

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