Ilmenau University of Technology orders Ai Siqiang MOCVD system for development

Ai Siqiang announced on April 3 that its existing customer, Ilmenau University of Technology, ordered a dual 1x2 inch wafer size Aisen MOCVD system. The system ordered will be used to develop high-efficiency concentrating photovoltaic technology based on III-V materials and new materials and structures for silicon-based III-V integration technology.

The reactor order was received in the third quarter of 2011 and will be delivered in the third quarter of 2012 and will be installed by the Axel Europe Service team at the new photovoltaic research facility at Ilmenau University of Technology.

A professor at the Ilmenau University of Technology said that the new MOCVD system for research and development will greatly enhance the efficiency of the school's new PV research and development program. The system has good process compatibility with previous generations of reactors and is one of the highest level of technological crystallization at the moment, and is capable of performing the most demanding research with high efficiency.

Ilmenau University of Technology is one of Germany's leading research institutions. Over the years, Ilmenau University of Technology has been committed to the development of energy and environmental technologies.

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