Huawei Continues to Promote 5G Technology Development at R&D Base in Japan

Beijing time On November 29, 2016, Japanese media revealed that Huawei will soon establish a research and development base for cutting-edge technologies in Japan in order to better advance the development of 5G technologies and Internet of Things technologies. They will also cooperate with Japanese companies to commercialize cutting-edge technologies. Huawei hopes that Japan's R&D base will not only be used in the research and development of communications equipment and portable terminal products, but virtual reality is also an area they hope to explore.

Huawei continues to promote the development of 5G technology at its R&D base in Japan (Image courtesy of Data Economy)

The news was disclosed by Hu Houkun, vice president and chief executive officer of Huawei Technologies, in an interview with Japanese media. The initial scale of this base is 20-30 people, and will be further expanded according to the development. This is also the second overseas R&D base built by Huawei, the first of which is located in Munich, Germany. Hu Houkun said that the reason why he chose to build a base in Japan is because Japan has the latest technology that can be used in the field of the Internet of Things, and the popularity of fiber-optic networks is high.

Huawei also hopes that after the R&D base is built, Japanese companies and certification organizations can also join the newly established research base. In the 5G field, it will strengthen cooperation with Softbank and NTT DoCoMo. In addition, it intends to cooperate with Sony in the field of VR technology and hopes to cooperate with Toshiba and Yaskawa Electric in the industrial field.

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