Huawei's response: it was just a deep misunderstanding

Regarding the US House Intelligence Committee’s report on "Huawei and ZTE may threaten US national communications security," Huawei responded on the evening of October 8th that the report was full of rumours and failed to provide clear information to prove that the Committee’s concern is that Reasonably, its essence and purpose are to prevent Chinese companies from entering the US market and hinder competition.

Huawei stated in its statement that the 11-month-long report led by the US House Standing Permanent Intelligence Committee still failed to provide clear information or evidence that the Committee’s concerns were reasonable; all activities and efforts of the US House Intelligence Committee All of them seem to point to a pre-determined result, and Huawei has been "only deeply misunderstood."

Huawei believes that the commission's investigation report did not consider Huawei's good network security records in the United States and around the world, and it also ignored the factual information provided by Huawei. Even before the committee decided to initiate the investigation, senior members of the committee publicly called for "the US business community to be cautious in selecting Huawei equipment."

Huawei stressed that the report issued by the committee is full of rumored and speculative information to prove these allegations that do not exist. The essence and purpose of the report are to block Chinese companies from entering the US market and hinder competition.

From the past to the present, Chinese companies have struggled to expand their international markets and the process is not easy. Relatively speaking, it is too easy for American companies to expand into the Chinese market. According to Ma Jihua, an analyst in the telecommunications industry, “In the past few years, China’s accession to the WTO has opened up the economy and opened the door to the outside world. Foreign MNCs have enjoyed super-national treatment in China, and even the areas related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood have been unimpeded. However, even domestic companies are very internationalized in IT communications and other fields. Frequently rejected by the United States on the grounds of security."

"This is actually a trade protection measure." Ma Jihua believes that China's open attitude toward US companies should be re-examined.

Fu Liang, an independent IT and telecommunications analyst, also stated that “the door to the Chinese market has been open to American companies in an open and inclusive manner, and there are even some preferential policies. In contrast, the US market’s attitude toward Chinese companies and their access standards The scale of consideration is extremely harsh.” Fu Liang believes that it may be due to the ease with which American companies enter the Chinese market that Chinese companies have difficulty entering the American market. It is time for the Chinese market to reconsider the measurement of U.S. business entry.

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