Gas station LED new media effect analysis

Through the study of resident residents aged 18-60 in first- and second-tier cities, the gas station media has been in the first camp of various media contact arrival rates. The first camp is followed by LED large-screen, broadcasting (traffic frequency), outdoor Lightbox/big name, elevator LCD/poster media, gas station media.

According to the survey, 75% of users can access the advertisements of the LED screens of gas stations. They think that the new media advertisements of the gas station LEDs are eye-catching, fast-changing and highly credible, which has an effect on the product and brand image. According to the interviewed advertisers and scholars, the new media of the gas station at the gas station is highly accurate and covers a lot of cars. Gas station LED new media is most suitable for the automotive industry, can be applied to new car listing, product promotion, brand exposure, image communication, or for the activities of the second car buyers, after-sales service, financial policy, high-end product promotion. Similarly, the new media for gas stations is also applicable to the automotive peripheral industries, real estate, fast sales, finance, medicine, entertainment and other industries.

Gas station LED new media has potential value. At present, the scale of the new media network at the gas station is constantly under construction. Once it is formed on a large scale, it will have a considerable influence. With the implementation of the purchase restriction policy, how to drive the purchase and purchase of automobiles is a problem that most car advertisers need to consider. At the same time, the new media of gas stations at the gas station needs to be strengthened in terms of interactivity. For example, combining online and offline activities to enhance the trust and goodwill of the audience, combined with the release of public information, life-related information and the relevance of the audience.

Garden Lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, usually refers to the outdoor Road Lighting lamps and lanterns below 6 meters.The Garden Lamp is characterized by its diversity, beauty and decoration environment, so it is also called landscape courtyard lamp.Slow lane, narrow lanes and is mainly used in city residential areas, tourism scenic area, outdoor lighting, park, plaza and other public venues can prolong people's outdoor activities, improve the security of the property.

Garden Lamp

The Garden Lamp has many styles, each style has its own unique name.For example, Water,Moon,Diamonds,Lucky and UFO, these garden lights are not only elegant in name, but also artistic and elegant in appearance.

The Garden Lamp body is aluminium alloy profile is used for manufacturing, high strength, light pole electrostatic powder spraying process, anti graffiti proof, radiation stainless steel links, anti-corrosion ability, patent luminous light pole, the built-in LED light source, disassembling design is reasonable, easy to install and maintain, installation height is 3 to 5 meters.

Diamon  Lucky



Technical parameters



Initial luminous flux


Color temperature


Level of protection


Power factor


Garden Lamp

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