Detailed analysis of the World Cup kick-off exoskeleton robot

At the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Brazil, a Brazilian teenager with the help of brain-controlled exoskeleton opened the first ball for the World Cup, which attracted the attention of countless people.

In fact, helping disabled people regain mobility is only one aspect of exoskeleton robot research, and it has more attractive application prospects.

Inspired by the comic "Iron Man"

An exoskeleton robot is essentially a wearable robot that combines human intelligence with the mechanical energy of an external mechanical power unit to provide additional power or power. Because of its location and the role it produces, it is called a human exoskeleton.

The inspiration of the exoskeleton robot is actually derived from the famous American comic book Iron Man. The protagonist of the cartoon built a metal armor, and the person who wore it became an "iron man". In the comics, the "Iron Man" is faster than a jet plane, and can easily lift 1,000 tons of heavy objects. In the Hollywood films "Iron Man", "Alien", "The Matrix", this sci-fi vision is further embodied and visualized.

The mechanical powerplants of modern robots make it easy for robots to perform many difficult tasks, such as lifting and carrying heavy loads. On the other hand, although modern robot control technology has made great progress, it still can't reach people's intelligence level, including decision-making ability and perception of the environment. Therefore, combining human intelligence with the powerful mechanical energy of robots and integrating them into a system will bring unprecedented changes. This is the design idea of ​​exoskeleton robots.


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