Design and application of automotive multi-function control switch

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Traditional iron control switch is insufficient

Multi-function electronic control switch structure and performance


Start runaway control circuit

Electromagnetic relay

IC integrated automatic power-off circuit

Three-terminal regulator circuit

In actual use, the performance and technical aspects of the power supply circuit and accessories of the truck are insufficient. To this end, we have developed a multi-function electronic grounding control switch for automobiles that successfully solved the problem.

The main functions of the ground switch are:

1 When the startup runaway fault occurs, the total power supply is automatically cut off;

2 When the flameout is deactivated, the main power supply is automatically cut off after the electrical appliance is not turned off or the grounding switch is not disconnected for a period of time;

3 After the vehicle needs to be started or the fault is eliminated, the power is automatically reset, the vehicle can be started smoothly, the battery and the starter are protected, and the mechanical equipment (such as automobile, tractor, generator, tank, oilfield working machine, merger machine, etc.) is realized. The power circuit is automatically controlled.

Practice has proved that the automobile multi-function electronic grounding control switch has the characteristics of high automation, safety and reliability, strong operability, low cost and strong applicability, and has broad promotion prospects. The ground switch has obtained the national utility model patent (patent number ZL200320106600.3).

Traditional iron control switch is insufficient

1) The starting runaway fault often occurs during starting, that is, the starter pinion and the engine flywheel ring gear cannot be separated. The main reason:

1 The starting current is large, so that the electromagnetic switch contacts on the starter machine are ablated and pulled, and the maintenance is not timely, the starter returning mechanism is dirty and the card is issued, causing the starter electromagnetic switch contacts to stick;

2 The oil temperature is low and the viscosity is high (especially in winter), which causes the engine to be heavy at the start, which makes the starter and the flywheel of the engine fly apart. If a startup failure occurs, if it cannot be debugged in time, the starter or battery may be damaged or scrapped, causing serious accidents.

2) The mechanical grounding control switch is simple and practical, but when the flameout is deactivated, it may be forgotten to disconnect the power grounding switch, causing the battery to discharge and lose power, resulting in damage to the battery. In addition, when restarting the work, the battery is low or damaged, making the mechanical equipment unable to work properly.

3) Safety and reliability are relatively low, automatic control cannot be realized, and manual operation is required.

Multifunctional electronic ground control switch structure and performance

The multi-function electronic ground control switch is mainly composed of four parts:

a) starting the runaway control circuit;

b) electromagnetic relay;

c) IC integrated automatic power-off circuit;

d) Three-terminal voltage regulator circuit, its circuit is shown in Figure 1, and the logical structure of each part is shown in Figure 2.


It can be seen from Fig. 1 that the start-off control circuit a is connected between the starter and the electromagnetic relay b, the IC integrated automatic power-off circuit c is connected to the three-terminal voltage regulator circuit d and the battery, and the electromagnetic relay b is connected between the battery and the starter. The three-terminal voltage regulator circuit d is connected to the battery.

Main features of multi-function electronic ground control switch:

1) When the startup runaway fault occurs, the electronic grounding control switch is automatically powered off, so that the starter is no longer running, and the starter and the battery are protected from damage. After the fault is eliminated for 5s, the control switch is automatically reset and the next normal start can be continued.

2) After the car stops running for 10 minutes, the electronic grounding control switch will automatically cut off the power, cut off the car's grounding circuit, and stop the battery leakage. When restarting the vehicle, simply press the reset button and the circuit will automatically turn on.

3) Load current: 0 ~ 800A / min.

4) Sensitivity: ≤ 1μs.

5) Delay error: ≤ 2%.

Multi-function electronic ground control switch advantages

After the successful development of the multi-function electronic ground control switch, 64 trucks of our company were put into use. The practical application proves that the switch overcomes the technical deficiencies of the existing mechanical ground switch and the electromagnetic ground switch, and has the following significant advantages:

1) There are many functions, which can control the start failure, and can automatically reset the power, and automatically cut off the power when the machine is stopped;

2) High degree of automation, no manual debugging control, and strong operability;

3) The system device has no leakage, safe and reliable;

4) Simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance;

5) It can work under a variety of working conditions, with strong applicability and good promotion value.

4. Technical and economic benefits

1) Successfully solved the out-of-control failure of mechanical equipment storage, avoiding personal and equipment accidents, and having strong safety;

2) Reduce the damage and scrapping of the car battery and starter, save materials, and reduce the loss of replacement and maintenance work;

3) Reduce the labor intensity of the workers;

4) Production guarantees are timely.

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