Deputy General Manager of Foshan Lighting, Xie Qing, resigned, this year, frequent personnel changes

Foshan Lighting announced that the company's board of directors received a written resignation report from Mr. Jie Qing, the deputy general manager, and Mr. Xie Qing resigned as the deputy general manager of the company for personal reasons. After Mr. Xie Qing resigned, he will no longer hold any position in the company and its subsidiaries and subsidiaries.

Public information shows that Xie Qing, born in Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province, was born in April 1974, member of the Communist Party of China, electric light source engineer. He graduated from Nanjing Radio Industry School in July 1994 and entered the Foshan Workshop of Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd. in July of the same year. After three months, he will be the squad leader of the production line. In March 1996, he began to work as a technician in the Pubu Workshop. In May 1997, he served as the director of the Zhongxuan Workshop. From 1998 to 2010, he served as the director of the single-ended workshop. Since June 2010, he has served as the deputy general manager of the company.

In August of this year, Foshan Lighting announced that, according to the company's development and actual needs, after research by the company, it was decided to adjust the division of work of Xieqing from the domestic sales of the company to be the two factories outside the company, namely Foshan Electric Lighting (Xinxiang) Lighting. Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Foshao Lighting Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. production management and related management work. After the adjustment, the company's domestic sales work is directly managed by the general manager, and Xie Qing is no longer responsible for the company's domestic sales.

Recently, Foshan lighting has been frequent, ushered in a new round of personnel changes.

Foshan Lighting announced on the evening of August 10 that the company's supervisory committee received a written resignation report from supervisors Zhang Yong and Zhang Xuequan. Zhang Yong and Zhang Xuequan were required to apply for resignation from the supervisory board of the company's supervisory committee due to work transfer. Zhang Yong and Zhang Xuequan resigned as supervisors. They are still in the company's administrative positions, and the resignation application takes effect when it is delivered to the company's board of supervisors.

According to public information, Zhang Yong was born in June 1974, Changsha, Hunan, college degree, mechanical engineer. In July 1997, he joined Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd.. From October 1999 to June 2008, he served as deputy director and director of the filament workshop equipment. From July 2008 to December 2008, he served as the director of Gaoming Fluorescent Lamp and Gaoming Branch. Director; from January 2009 to December 2012, he was appointed as the head of the production department, OEM department, mechanical power department and infrastructure department; since March 2013, he has served as assistant to the general manager. In September 2013, he was elected as the chairman of the board of supervisors of the company.

Zhang Xuequan was born in December 1977, with a college degree. In October 1996, he joined Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd., and served as the workshop director in the lighting workshop from April 2003 to May 2008. Since June 2008, he has been the director of the enterprise management department of Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd. Since May 2013, he has served as a supervisor of the Company.

In fact, since the end of last year, Guangsheng officially entered Foshan Lighting, Foshan Lighting's new round of personnel adjustment has begun:

On December 9, 2015, Chairman of the Board Pan Jie, Vice Chairman Liu Xingming, Director Wu Shengbo, Director Vienne Hoffman, Director Ye Zaiyou, Director Yang Jianhu, Independent Director Liu Zhenping, Independent Director Dou Linping, Independent Director Mr. Xue Yizhong and Supervisors Zhuang Rujia, Zhang Yingqi and other 11 executives resigned collectively

On January 8, 2016, Yin Jianchun, the company's financial controller, resigned

On January 26, 2016, the new Foshan Lighting executives and securities affairs representatives were elected: the board of directors appointed Liu Xingming as the general manager of Foshan Lighting, and appointed Wei Bin, Jie Qing, Jiao Zhigang, Chen Wei and Yan Xiaoping as deputy general manager of Foshan Lighting. In addition, Lin Yihui was appointed as the secretary of the Foshan Lighting Board, and Tang Qionglan was appointed as the company's chief financial officer, and Huang Yufen was appointed as the company's securities affairs representative.

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