D-Link DNS-325 dual-disk cloud storage NAS Chapter 1: This site is the first casual fish encounter rare goods: D-Link DNS-325 dual-disk cloud storage NAS unpacking articles

Too long to see version: free fish 170 Ocean to start, entry models NAS, basic functions, cloud storage sharing, Thunder download and other functions to achieve more than the same door D-Link DNS-320L is more complex, like toss the old bird and only Simply do a backup with a cheap map.

The D-Link DNS-325 dual-disk cloud storage NAS is an old product launched at the Information and Communication Technology Expo (CeBIT) in March 2012. However, due to the fact that it has never been launched on the mainland market, there have been few people. Know. In recent days, cloud disks in China have been closed down and the small partners around them have purchased mobile hard disks for storing learning materials. As a person of IT, this is not a problem. Naturally, I wouldn't buy anything like Elements or Passport. That would be too low! We didn't wait and see for a long time. We had to wait and see for a long time. We didn't catch a few BUG specials. The silver (shou) root (li) tight (mei) Zhang (qian). Frustration and then prepared to enter into a D-LinkDNS-320L or BUFFALO LS520DE. In the past few days, when I had nothing else to do, I stumbled upon a seller hanging out an unfamiliar model “DNS-325” and immediately did homework on the Internet. I found that it was a similar product to the 320L, based on Marvell dual-core 1.2GHz processing. The device (320L is dual-core 1GHz) and 256MB DDR2 memory and Gigabit network interface provide users with a simple and easy-to-use network storage solution, running a customized version based on Debian Linux, or have a certain degree of playability, the most The key point is that as recently as a brand-new seller, as long as 170 oceans, the hard disk box with two hard disks must be 5,XX yuan, and you must also bike!

The seller is very strict about this DNS-325 package, the outer carton, sandwiched in a shockproof bubble paper, inner anti-static bag, this kind of intention must have a point!

The shell of the DNS-325 is made of aluminum alloy metal, and the side has a brushed pattern, which not only has good heat dissipation but also has a good texture. However, it is still a bit warm when it is fully loaded. The bottom of the product specifications and introduction. It is said that this product has also won ((mai) Red Dot Design Award?

On the front side, you can see the "ShareCenter" on the front of the NAS, and advertise itself as a multimedia storage sharing center.

There are two hard disk lights, USB indicators, and power lights on the front of the main unit. White light is emitted from the front metal plate with a light guide.

The front panel of the DNS-325 has a screw-free design. Push it straight up to see the internal hard disk slot. Saying that the right hand had just opened the right side of the right side, and thought about not checking the manual on the Internet to know that it was pushed up. The same design as the internal screw-free, there are two 3.5-inch S-ATA hard disk slot.

A close-up shot of the inside of the machine shows the Marvell 88F6281 processor and the S-ATA slots on both sides.

European standard double-circle plug, a lot of signs on the power supply, the bottom is without a surprise "Made in China"

A WD HDD with a capacity of 320G is served for N years and is idle for a long time. The front of the hard disk is facing right, and it is inserted directly into the slot. After pushing it in the end, you can install the hard disk to complete the installation. It is quite easy and simple, and it was a bit too many years ago to play the feeling of the Cassidy TV game machine inserting the cassette.

On the back, you can see the cooling fan, the fader that the hard disk exits, the RESET button, the Gigabit network jack, the fixed keyhole, the power jack, and the USB slot. With the DNS-320L, there is a USB COPY/UNMOUNT button that allows you to directly copy all files on the USB removable hard disk, USB flash drive, and mobile phone (only in MTP mode) to the NAS. in. However, it is very disappointing that the USB 2.0 interface, uh, this speed is probably not optimistic! After all, it was an old product that was launched in 2012. I also remember that the MacBook Air was released that year with a dual USB 3.0 port.

In the end, the Dingzhuang photo with the size of the disc was relatively exquisite. After all, it was also a high-priced item that was sold for $200.

Announcements: System articles, application articles, and long-term measurement experience were subsequently released. At the end of the year, everything was riddled and overtime clearance codewords were evaluated. We also hope that you can reward and encourage them!

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