China seizes audio technology, highland public broadcasting applications are wider

In the field of consumer electronics, digital products have undoubtedly served as the vanguard of the market and are widely sought after by people. Digital technology-led products such as digital cameras, digital TVs, DVD players, and digital media players have been brought from the past to the ordinary people. The fashionable, convenient and powerful digital products are brought to consumers. Come to the new audio-visual experience and entertainment enjoyment, I believe that the "digital product civilization" in the next few years will be the main development trend of the consumer electronics market.

The great success of portable audio devices such as MP3 players has made people see the market potential of digital audio technology. Digital audio technology is beginning to move to higher areas, such as digital mixers, digital effects, digital multifunction processors. With the advancement of technology, multi-audio transmission has been completely changed. One fiber or five-category line has a multi-channel signal audio digital transmission system with two-way transmission, which not only replaces multi-channel unidirectional ordinary copper wire, but also different types of data ( Audio, video, MIDI control) can be transmitted via the same interface.

On the other hand, many large buildings such as Olympic venues, international airports, international centers, transportation hubs, urban subways, theme parks, hotels, etc. put forward higher requirements for audio transmission distance and audio transmission quality, which also become digital audio. An important driving force for the rapid development of transmission technology. More and more audio digital transmission systems are beginning to be used in the professional audio field.

For a long time, China has not mastered core technologies in digital audio technology. These core technologies are basically in the hands of large companies in developed countries. They have developed or jointly developed related audio standards and have a large number of technical patents. Since Chinese companies do not have independent audio technology, the annual intellectual property license fee that needs to be paid in the digital audio field in the country is as high as 8-10 billion yuan.

However, in 2009, China's self-developed digital audio codec technology DRA officially became the national audio standard. This national standard DRA technology has been repeatedly tested by various evaluation agencies at home and abroad, showing low decoding complexity, high compression efficiency and good sound quality. And so on, has applied for 36 domestic and foreign patents, including two international core patents.

It is understood that this technology has been listed as one of the three major audio standards for Blu-ray Disc along with Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Cinema System Technology. It is of great significance to enhance the global competitiveness of China's digital audio industry, and it also plays an important role in promoting the application of digital audio in public broadcasting.

Traditional analog audio broadcasting can easily transmit audio signals from the broadcast device to the user terminal, but there are a series of problems in transmitting audio signals of large-scale broadcasting systems, mainly as follows: the quality of the audio signal increases with the increase of the transmission distance. It will drop sharply, and the signal-to-noise ratio and high-frequency characteristics will become poor. However, modern buildings are becoming larger and larger. How to reduce wiring costs and reduce signal attenuation has become a very difficult problem in analog audio broadcasting systems; new functions such as packet broadcasting, fault location, and system redundancy are in traditional analog audio broadcasting systems. hard to accomplish.

However, digital broadcasting based on digital audio technology has overcome various challenges. Compared to traditional broadcasting, digital broadcasting can greatly improve the sound quality, reception quality, and data service of sound broadcasting. In terms of demonstration applications, digital audio public broadcasting will cover the following functions: all functions of traditional broadcasting system, dynamic partition broadcasting, real-time insertion, mobile broadcasting, remote management, real-time monitoring and so on.

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