China's transformers will continue to maintain rapid growth

China's transformers will continue to maintain rapid growth

In recent years, China's power demand has grown rapidly, and the high-speed construction and investment in the power grid have driven the market demand for power transmission and transformation equipment. Huge power construction funds have brought opportunities and challenges to the transformer industry, prompting the transformer industry to develop rapidly.

China's transformer industry is fiercely competitive, foreign multinational companies have seized a large market share, and the number of domestic transformer manufacturers is also growing rapidly. The market of low-end and middle-end transformers is fiercely competitive. There are more than 20 companies with 220KV transformer production capacity and more than 100 companies with 110KV transformer product capacity. The transformer enterprises that produce 500KV or above have built a high barrier to entry through technology and capacity, and the market structure has stabilized.

In 2011, the output of transformers nationwide reached 1.43 billion kVA, an increase of 6.86% year-on-year. In 2011, there were 1461 enterprises above designated size in China's transformer manufacturing industry; sales were 2,901.040 billion yuan, and total profits were 16.618 billion yuan, and the asset size was 263.840 billion yuan, profit from product sales was 33.972 billion yuan.

During the period 2012-2020, China's transformer market will take a relatively high-speed development period under the direct influence of domestic power grid construction and transformation, and the industrial scale will continue to increase.

According to the "2014-2018 China Power Transformer Industry Market Demand Forecasting and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" published by the Industry Research Institute, it is analyzed that: With the deepening of the power grid renovation project and the acceleration of the grid upgrade, China's transformer production will remain relatively fast. It is estimated that by 2015, China's transformer output will exceed 2 billion kVA.

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