China's first home 3D-LED TV will be listed on May 1

It is reported that the first home 3D LED LCD TV built by Skyworth Group will be unveiled during May 1st.

Recently, Skyworth Group announced that it will launch the first home entertainment cool open 3D-LED in the mainland, and strive to build E90RD series LED three-dimensional TV, covering 42-55 inches, fully deploying the stereo TV industry chain, leading the color TV industry from LCD to 3D-LED. Transforming across times. Yang Dongwen, vice president of Skyworth Group, said that Skyworth 3D TV can directly connect to the Internet and directly order 3D TV content from Skyworth Cool Open website. This service will be launched simultaneously with the TV listing.

Yuhai Company develop and produce of various hemisphere, electrode and metallisation configurations. This range is fabricated from various  piezoelectric material formulations for applications such as  high power, sensitivity, stability needs. 


  •       Choice of metallisation (Silver, Nickel, Gold and others on request)
  •       Thickness frequency tuning available on request
  •       Wide choice of PZT formulations

Applications include

  •        Sonar transducers
  •        Hydrophones
  •        HIFU medical and industrial
  •        Underwater communications

Dimension range

Diameter          6-160mm                                                                            
Wall thickness             1-10mm

Pzt Piezoelectric Hemisphere

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