Beauty wants to build smart roads and self-driving vehicles to reduce traffic accidents

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on January 2, the US states believe that the construction of smart roads that match smart cars will effectively reduce accidents, save travel time and fuel. Currently, driverless cars are moving in the direction of humanoid driving, and technicians hope that they can recognize and respond to various emergencies on the road in a timely manner. The report quoted the US Wall Street Journal as saying that many automakers say their driverless cars are safer than human-powered cars, and the number of deaths in traffic accidents can be reduced by 35,000 a year.


Since smart cars do not have a standardized model, in order to continue the popularity of highway intelligence, it is necessary to understand how different car brands exchange data with smart highways. Many roads in the United States have been in disrepair for a long time, and only a few kilometers have been realized. The President-elect Trump has promised to rebuild infrastructure, but the project is expected to cost billions of dollars. It seems that experts are not optimistic. .

In addition, many states have invested on their own to try to advance smart road technology. Ohio spent $15 million to install fiber-optic cable networks and sensor systems in November, while Utah and Virginia installed sensors and dedicated short-range communications for traffic lights and bridges to provide timely feedback to driverless vehicles. The car reacted. (Internship Compilation: Wu Xinyuan's Review: Li Zongze)


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