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The first sign in the aunt, at the time received a text message jjidan laughed, and then the pressure instantly came, although the light of the public test requirements counted low, but it is aunt in the first public test report, how to say Can't be ruined by me like original

In the Aunt, there were three originals and two series. One of the series was awake, and the other was in the draft box for six months. In fact, I really want to write some hard-character words for the valued friends but I can't help the wallet. So many times I can't have actual operation, so that the original is empty. This is slowly being overcome. The small purse is bulging. I hope I can The original can help value friends...

Up to now, the number of testimony applications has reached 96 times, 95 failures, and 1 success. The failure is more of a lack of good original proof that I have the strength to evaluate the application. Therefore, Xiaojiu must try hard to prove himself slightly. Want to participate in the test but the long-time value of friends do not lose heart, as long as you have the ability, aunt sooner or later will turn your brand

With so many remarks, it's time to say the right thing

The product that participated in the evaluation was Edifier W290BT. Rambler was one of the representative brands of desktop-grade active speakers in Xiaoyin's heart. It has to be said that Edifier's tuning is very good, so it is very important for this test. I look forward to hoping to deliver a satisfactory report.

Edifier-W290BT Cruiser official website W290BT introduction, official website comes with Tmall portal direct link

Contents directory:

1. Unpacking & Experience

2.Feeling & operating methods

3. tone & link distance

4. Sound & Waterproof

5. Life & Charge Record

6. Summary

1. Unpacking & Experience

No matter what, they must have a head, can't run out of the box, and have little emotion when they are out of the box. After all, the grandmother’s debut is not

The pig's foot is the goods. After receiving the notification of successful participation, the shipment of a small value was completed. The SF Express that had been kept for the Spring Festival was selected and it took three days. However, there was a small episode, because the holiday came home from school, I confirmed the time when the delivery address has been modified into home, and confirmed after the aunt text message notification to confirm the success is still the school, waiting to see the headset public Measurement page notification can be used to modify the address when the time and missed the time, so helpless, the day of arrival telephone contact, in the afternoon to enter the island to take it, SF that is also a variety of trials, but fortunately the smooth hand

It is said that these are mainly shared with the value-friends who participated in the first time. It is best to change the address before confirming the change. After confirmation, the short message will be notified. If you do not change it, you must remember to promptly use the mailbox to notify you of a small value. For example, this small wine did not return home, take a bus to pick up the bike, or else, the train plane crashed...

Open the express to see the evaluation of the pig's feet and a public watch list, which reads how to write good advice on the report, before seeing in someone's home report, and finally own one. The pig's feet were sealed tightly by the bubble film and the seal value to the yellow tape. It was said that the real yellow tape felt really different from the photos.

The seal of violence was lifted and finally the headset was finally seen

The headphone's packaging is wrapped in a plastic film. The style is clean and simple. The front and back are white. The front forehead is printed with the LOGO of the walker, the titanium black and red product photo in the middle is printed with a coquettish, and the product number in the lower right corner is W290BT. The product type and simple basic parameters are indicated with a pale gray graphic.

The left and right side of the package are the same style, but there is a WeChat two-dimensional code and a security mark on the left side so that users can verify the authenticity after purchase. Small wine also went to check it, open the anti-counterfeit check site, scrape off the coating of the security code, and enter the security number to check it.

Printed on the back of the package are pale gold, titanium black red, titanium black three product map, used to identify the color of the product to get, small wine to get the headset is a titanium black version, which also makes the wine rest assured. The pale gold earplugs and wires may turn yellow under the use of small wines. Titanium black and red is not very coquettish and does not meet the temperament of small wines. Titanium black is a low-key color that is satisfactory.

The color identification of the product is the specific parameter information of the earphone. There are double Chinese and English introductions. However, this wine is an idiot in English and it is determined to skip English.

Introducing the picture from the picture, the effect is not good... The introduction mainly shows the Rambler W290BT using Bluetooth 4.1 communication technology, CSR decoder chip, lossless decoding and distance life balabalabala. There is a lot to say, but Xiaoyin feels that it is the kingly way to use it, but the main official promotion parameters of the product still need to be mentioned.

Officially indicated: 1. Headphone effective link distance up to 10M, support two drag one, automatic back connection 2. Earphone with a total of 130mAh dual battery, working hours of 8 hours, 250 hours of standby time 3. Three button convenient operation

Xiaojiu is quite satisfied with such parameters, but... After all, the official propaganda said, how did the user actually test it against the small wine?

The package was opened from the right side of the front. The magnetic design was used. After opening, a matte plastic piece was seen. Photo angle problems were not taken out. Actually, it was still a bit of a visual impact. The plastic sheet was lifted and the pig's foot was seen. The silver plating sparkled in the sun. On that day, the sun in Xiamen was quite big. The small wine was photographed in black clothes against the sun and high exposure. At that time, the hand was able to open the lid to the sunlight and then... was successfully flashed.

After opening the box, in addition to the pig's foot, there are two pairs of black and two pairs of red earplugs on the left side of the earphone, and the original aluminum storage box that comes with the underside of the headphones.

The box was printed with a large EDIFIER. At first it was thought that it was frosted. It was polished before it was touched. It made me start to worry about how to keep it clean under various friction and friction.

It may be that many people, like Xiaojiu, have doubts when they see the box being opened. Where does the remote control go? Xiao wine took out the storage box and found out that the packaging design had another mystery. The layer on which the headphones were placed was a compartment and could be picked up. After picking it up, you can see the wire control and the extra lines are bunched up and folded in the slot on the back of the compartment, so that the front of the package does not look bloated, and the design is worthy of praise

Removed the compartment and saw a small slot at the bottom, with instructions and a blank warranty card. The waste paper-like manual was later flipped out from the litter by a small hand. This little wine was was still a little bit useless.

The little wine pulled out of the headphone is a little confusing because the overall texture is not the same as that of the small wine. It was a bit too light, so it began to doubt its ability to endurance. The two heads of the headset are slightly lighter, and the electroplated bright silver gives a metallic feel. Edifier's LOGO is printed on the bright silver just right. The only curiosity of the wine is how long the plating will last.... Slightly hardened, the wine simmered for a long time and did not straighten. There was a wire tie on the headphone cable, and the excess length of wire could be stored through the buckle.

Storage box is a type of direct opening, please see the official brain fill small wine was silly at the time was naive spin for a long time before it felt wrong, and then make use of the power of the flood to open the storage box

After opening, let the little wine speechless is to see the earplugs, red two pairs, a pair of black, the wine's heart is broken, so many earplugs, actually will only use one or two pairs, the rest will Can only eat ash. but! This practice is still very hard for manufacturers, and many pairs of earplugs of different sizes can effectively prevent users from buying ear plugs that are inappropriate or need to be purchased separately when they are purchased. Even though most of the manufacturers nowadays are required to purchase, they are still used. like. The other line is the headset's original charging cable. Edifier W290BT use the charging interface for the Micro USB interface, for the mobile phone is a Micro USB interface users do not play a big role, because you can use the mobile phone charging cable charging, just a few spare lines only. The Type-c interface and lightning interface users are a boon. They are as effective as earplugs to avoid the issue of separate purchases. The overall aspect of fittings can be said to be hard and convenient for the user, which is worthy of praise

Finally, send a family photo and a list to end the box.

2.Feeling & operating methods

Canopy can't live in the sun in Xiamen's winter, and went to the shade below to continue shooting. This time the small wine wants to reclaim the low-titanium black color before the plating is too bright. ...especially the little wine is a trick, still a bald, feeling ... no love without feeling good ...

Headphone wire control part, the button side of the use of rubber material, and the back cover of the joint tight, normal sweat wet should be fine. The three buttons correspond to three raised icons, a large up arrow, a small down arrow, and a dot. The three buttons are arranged close to the wire instead of being centered symmetrically. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is somewhat unaccustomed. In the middle of the dot in the down arrow, there is a hidden red and blue light to indicate the status of the headset. The back of the wire is made of plastic material, and the hole of the round hole is the opening of the microphone.

The right side is the charging interface, the interface is plugged with a rubber plug, and a lightning pattern is printed on the plug. Pull the plug out while charging and turn it up to plug it in.

In a report on value-for-money forecasting in the same period, he mentioned that his W290BT has a tag indicating that the headset cannot be charged with a fast charge (8V-12V), but it is not seen on the W290BT. The label, want to come to the batch problem.

Earphones come with a small earbud in the factory, which is not suitable for deep holes in small wines. Therefore, small wines have been decisively replaced with earplugs. Unplug the original earplugs can be seen, the headphone channel port with bayonet design, and the channel port membrane density is high, this design is to be able to hold the earbuds, the other should be to let The earplugs can have a certain waterproof and dustproof effect. After all, there is still the soundtrack in the earhole. The work is not so smooth, but there is no way, any product will have flaws. Heartless

For a good earplug earphones to wear just enough to hold the ear hole, so that when walking around running can be very effective to avoid falling, after all, the earliest annoying thing is to get up and plug it back.

Q: How can I avoid falling earplugs? A: Choosing the right earplug, the earplug is too small to cause it to fall easily. If it is a hard earbud, choosing an excessively long one will make the ear hurt. Therefore, choose a softer material earplug, and the size is to reach the earhole The best conditions.

Wearing headphones feels more comfortable. The official promotion of the multi-channel test design, the actual small wine to wear it really fit the ear canal. However, Xiaojiu's appealing ears are not that kind of inward ear canal, so I can't reach the effect of stuck headphones.

The little wine grows fat and ugly, afraid to let go and scare you to see the official, so this is a real beast

As you can see from the photos, the headphone wire is on the back side of the neck. This position is also acceptable for small wines. If it is too close to the face, it will make people uncomfortable. At the same time, when using the microphone, the sound source Big. Small wine can be more responsible and watching the official said that the actual experience of the wanderer W290BT, in terms of wearing nothing to say, in addition to the wire slightly hard on the neck a little uncomfortable, the headset plugged for a long time will not let the ear There is any discomfort (data comes from small wines worn for a day)

After Eazz's great permission, Xiaoyin stole Eazz's magical GIF, which was the European's Meizu EP51 sports Bluetooth earphone original, as he wanted to steal this... because the wine was too fat. If you send yourself such a GIF, it may be that the report will not go through (Tessla destroys the sight of the world) So, for everyone to enjoy a pleasant reading report, this GIF is sacrificed. The main purpose of this GIF is to show that if W290BT is selected for earplugs, it will not fall under this level of... jitter (well, no problem...). So... do you see it? Reward for this picture or jump to Eazz's original creation

The mobile phone that participates in the pairing test is Charm Blue Note2. When pairing, you need to press the dot on the remote control for five seconds to start the headset and enter the pairing mode. At this time, the indicator lights are blinking red and blue. Click the link when you open the Bluetooth scan to EDIFIER W290BT. You can, if there is no link operation within two minutes, it will automatically go to standby state. Shutdown is when the power is turned on for three seconds. However, the small wine found in the pairing process, the headset needs to press the operating pressure is too high, many times did not press the end, the headset did not respond, I do not know whether the individual quality control issues.

What surprised the little wine is that the Flyme5 system also supports the battery display after the Bluetooth connection, and the IOS is the official flag to support the display of electricity.

A brief description of the operation of the small wine, the picture can be seen more key integrated functions, and the operating mode is not much difference, easy to remember mixed, but the three-button remote control can only maintain a highly integrated mode of operation, can only allow users Adapted slowly. Because of the long-term use of Bluetooth, Xiaoji is relatively good. There is also a place to note that, when the link Apple phone, it can not be based on Apple Wired headset remote control mode of operation, switching up and down song can only be performed by long press volume up and down keys.

Edifier official propaganda headset support one for two, this is the gospel of many mobile phone users, but when Xiao wine just got, in any case can not link the second mobile phone, but unfortunately continue to read the waste paper manual, found that the headset is to support a Drag two, but the lock is not available at the factory and needs to be unlocked. After one to two delays, after the normal linking of the first mobile phone, the headset is restarted to enter the pairing state, the second mobile phone is linked, and the link is successfully operated on the first mobile phone again. One of the two functions is mainly the call, the small wine test song state can not be a good switch between two mobile phones.

Rambler W290BT supports automatic chaining, paired devices, automatic chaining after normal boot. The boot is not linked, short press any button headset automatically tries to link the last paired device. When the link is out of range, the link is automatically returned to the link within 5 minutes. If it exceeds 5 minutes, you can press any button to automatically link back.

The display of the indicator light is relatively simple. The pairing status is flashing alternately. The two-second blue light is unlinked, the four-second light is linked, and the red light flashes low. However... Little wine basically didn’t care about the indicator lights because...

3. tone & link distance

Bluetooth headset as a headset, the biggest use is the sound Well, when using a variety of operations can not always hold the line control silly to see the light is not. Therefore, the prompt tone is also a key measure of the headset.

Because the Bluetooth used in the past was a vocal tone, there would be welcome voices for female voices. Although it takes a long time, but there is... it's the kind of... that's why it's so it’s also about wanderers W290BT. Looking forward to.

BUT! Rambler W290BT disappointed the little wine for a while, operation tone is toot from scratch. The power-on tone is a gradual beep tone. The power-off tone is a faint beep tone. When you enter the patching status, it is a DIP tone. If the link is successful, the tone is a single beep. The lost link is a single tone, and the low-power tone is three beeps. All the calls came with a string of toots. I thought that there would be a function of the number of newspapers. In a word, it would only be audible, but each type of operation has a distinctive feature... A Bluetooth headset, a sound Did not do humanity, ordinary begging can not make people more convenient to operate, hope to improve

In terms of link distance, Xiaoji has done many link experiments. Test models include Samsung Note2, Charm Blue Note2 and Bluetooth transmitters. However, the universal existence cannot reach the 10M link distance. In open areas such as playgrounds, there is no barrier of up to 7M in the middle, blocking more complex environments at home, etc., up to 5M. At first, Xiaoyin thought that Samsung Note2's Bluetooth was out of order. The exchange of Charm Blue Note2 test remained the same. Finally, a Bluetooth transmitter was used. Through the laptop and the host, the signal was still transmitted. Once the measured distance was exceeded, the signal was immediately lost. And sometimes it appears next to the source, but the signal is not good. Thinking about it... Maybe it's too fat. The theory of meat blocking the signal. I accepted it.

4. Sound & Waterproof

The headset is a magical thing, and the timbre is metaphysics.

Xiaoyin thinks that the sound of headphones, everyone has their own different standards of measurement, carrots and vegetables, have their own love. In the past two years, the best heard of light wine was light music. During the exhilaration period, they listened to electric sounds, but more were pure piano music and light music. Therefore, the requirement of the small wine for the headphones is clear and pure sound.

W290BT's high-frequency part of the small wine that is also OK, there is no kind of sharp and harsh sound, crisp degree is still quite high; IF part, quite satisfactory, able to clear voice; low-frequency part, because it is not a dedicated bass headset, so can only say Can listen, but if you ask the effect, a Bluetooth sports headset can do a sense of vibration bass, good. The official promotion of the headset tri-band equalization, this little wine is very much in favor

Another point to note is that the headset still has a stethoscope effect. In the event of a windy day or during a sport, the friction between the wind and headphones and the jitter of the wire can be audible when the headphones are played with a small amount of sound. However, this is also a problem with many headphones. The moderate volume adjustment can hide the sound. .

The official claim that headphones have IPX4 waterproof effect, the first to understand what is the next IPX4 waterproof it.

IPX4 splash protection is not affected by water splashes in any direction - Data from Baidu Encyclopedia

It can be seen here that IPX4 advertised by the headset can only effectively avoid the harmless effect of water splash in any direction. Therefore, IPX4 level how to say, it is not entirely gimmick, after all, W290BT is a sports Bluetooth headset, effective prevention of sweat is necessary, but if the IPX4 level as difficult to drip is impossible.

In practical use, the small wine is wiped with a damp cloth, and there is no problem with the small amount of water, so run and sweat with confidence.

5. Life & Charge Record

The small wine here really has to say, official advertising indicates that the headphones last for 8 hours. Xiaoji is a heavy headphone user. Earphones can be attached to the ear for one day. After Bluetooth is used for the first time until the headset is automatically turned off, it is immediately plugged in to charge, and the charging output voltage is 5V 2A, which takes 2 and a half hours to end charging. Then began to use, the music did not stop, use the low battery beep that began to appear around four hours, the wine did not bother to continue listening, automatically shut down in five hours or so, the headset is in a single link, Moderate volume. Xiaojiu thought that the battery had not been fully activated, resulting in reduced battery life. However, after three days of charging and discharging records, it was found that the length of use can only be maintained at about 5 hours. This is inconsistent with the official 8-hour battery life. Say it, how official propaganda may stand the test of a small wine.

However, being able to 5 hours is also a big surprise for the little wine, after all, the headset as a whole does not have a dollar coin. The father of Xiaojiu is electronically repaired, and it is often the case that electronic products are disassembled and repaired. Asked him to come to a conclusion, it should be left and right ear headphones placed inside the battery, and the battery's power and quality is good. However, there is a bad conclusion that ... Once the headset battery is damaged, it is difficult to replace the battery by yourself...

Finally, regarding the life of the headset, there is a Tuba tone, why the headset still has the ability to listen for an hour of power, but it is always a beep, and in the hour when the headset is about to shut down, the songs have to be heard from time to time. Toots harassment... how do you make this little wine?

6. Summary

After writing so much, it was finally finished, and the wine itself was vomiting blood soon... To sum up, so that we can see the advantages and disadvantages of the headset more intuitively

Evaluation Product: Edifier W290BT Bluetooth Headset

Selling price:279RMB

Accessories: Look at the end of the opening box

For the crowd: low fever music party

Product advantages: exquisite appearance; light and portable; long life time; three-band equalization of sound quality;

Product Disadvantages: Inconsistent with the official part of the promotion; button press pressure requirements are too high, inaccurate; wire is slightly harder, need to be used repeatedly to soften; sound monotone is not practical.

Comprehensive evaluation: the use of headphones, in line with the expectations of small wine. Lightweight, high-endurance, and balanced timbre, the key is that Jiudai can not feel uncomfortable. This is nothing to say. The problem of a slightly stiff wire can be softened over a long period of time. The link distance is actually a common problem with Bluetooth headsets. It is also somewhat disappointing that the wanderer is also not as true as other manufacturers. The pressure of the key does not know whether it is a question of quality control, but the life expectancy of the button will be shorter. But the most disappointing part is the prompt tone, a single tone, and even the caller has no function of the number. Inevitably, the phone must be picked up again to confirm that the caller information is reconnected, hoping that the rover can improve this point. Some people say that the price of the headset, why not buy the same price QCY, style look good and also worthwhile. However, Xiaojiu believes that the actual timbre of QCY headphones is not as good as W290BT. Why Bluetooth headphones can be used? Of course, radish greens have their own love, and all of the above points of view are small wine personal views. If there are different views, light spray

Finally finished, I would like to thank our valued friends for reading. Welcome to the discussion area.

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