$99 Artifact Appears at CES Room Level Mobile VR Is Not a Dream

$ 99 artifact appeared CES room-level mobile VR is not a dream from Baidu VR

We are foreseeable that this year's CES conference will see more novel VR hardware. One of them may be Nolo, a mobile VR peripheral that provides room-level VR experiences and tracking handles for Android-based VR devices, and keeps latency within 20ms. The developer is LYRobotix. The complete set of equipment includes a head tag device, a base station, and two wireless motion tracking handles. Buttons, switches, and trackpads are set up to simulate Vive's SteamVR controller. Although the functions are very similar, Nolo does not use the Lighthouse system. It uses the proprietary LYRobotix patented technology PolarRac. It mixes optical, acoustic and wireless signal technologies to provide millimeter-level tracking accuracy, guarantees stability and low latency, and is less costly and consumes less power.

Nolo sends the sensor's detected position signal back to the phone, supporting Cardboard, Gear VR, and Daydream. However, to experience this feature, VR games are required to support location tracking. At present, most mobile VR applications do not support this function at all (because the mainstream device does not have this function originally), so LYRobotix provides a special SDK to help developers add this function in their own applications. However, waiting for developers to support location tracking takes a long time, so LYRobotix is ​​exploring other application scenarios to expand the utility of the device and increase selling points. One solution they considered was to use the combination of Nolo and mobile VR as an inexpensive choice for SteamVR. With Riftcat's VRidge streaming software, users can use this device to experience SteamVR room-level applications. Although it is a cheap product, the overall experience will not be much worse because it supports location tracking.

The quality of the final experience is of course compromised. The data needs to be compressed on the host side and sent to the mobile phone via WiFi. The data from various sensors is sent back to the PC. We hope that the delay will be acceptable. However, to run SteamVR still requires a PC with sufficient performance. Anyway, now that CES2017 is about to open, we can certainly see the latest prototype at the show.

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