ADA4896: ADI Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifier

The ADA4896-2/ADA4897-1/ADA4897-2 are unity-gain stable, low noise, rail-to-rail outputs, high speed voltage feedback amplifiers with quiescent current of 3 mA and 1/f noise of 2.4 nV/_Hz (10 Hz). With a spurious-free dynamic range of −80 dBc (2 MHz), it is an ideal solu ----more

Panasonic Singapore as a “vegetable farmer” investi…

Singapore's population density is the second highest in the world. Under the narrowness of the population, more than 90% of the grain is dependent on imports. The country actively promotes the ability of food self-sufficiency and develops greenhouse vegetables. Japanese technology giant Panason ----more

Atmel Layouts IoT, Expanding Wireless Portfolio with NM…

Recently, global microcontroller (MCU) and touch technology solutions company Atmel acquired Newport Media, a low-power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solution provider. Through this acquisition, Atmel will have the industry's most complete portfolio of intelligent wireless networkin ----more

The impact of the home gateway system on smart homes

Home gateways and home smart gateways are not yet specifically defined. They can be distinguished from functions and services. The home gateway is a physical interface that connects all the external access networks to the home and connects the home internal network to the outside. It ----more

Distributed detection method of vibration signal based …

introduction Due to the distance limitation of the connection cable of the acceleration sensor and the charge amplifier, it is difficult to implement a centralized data acquisition and processing system in a space with a long distance, and the reliability and anti-interferenc ----more

2014 Weitron China Market Hohhot Tour Shows the Source …

There are no fancy gimmicks such as colored balls and lottery. Only the product experience of real guns and guns directly hits the real needs of customers. The tour of Guangdong Weichuang Video Technology Co., Ltd. in Hohhot has enhanced the confidence of the guests and achieved practical results. ----more

Wink: $79 Smart Home Fragmentation Solution

With the rise of smart homes, the fragmentation of this field has also begun to attract people's attention. And an American startup called Quirky thinks that the smart center that sells for only $79 (about 490 yuan) will solve this problem. Quirky's smart hub is calle ----more