In 2014, the national ban will start to benefit from th…

It is reported that from 2014, the regulation of incandescent lamps in the United States, China, South Korea and Australia will expand from the existing industrial fields to residential indoor lighting. The LED lighting market, which has been optimistic for many years, will be even more huge. Devel ----more

LED failure analysis

[Source: LED Engineering's "good products LED" magazine September issue of text / Li Jiwei] LED is often influenced by various environmental factors and stress in production and use, reach the expected life or function, namely the failure phenomenon . These stresses include thermal st ----more

Industrial robot technology overview and development

From the industrial robot development and objectives, we introduce the technology of industrial robots, for your reference. I. Technical Overview The industrial robot is composed of an operating machine ( mechanical body ), a controller , a servo drive system and a detecting and se ----more

Motion Capture Robot Control Analysis Solution

First, the application of motion capture technology in robot control (1) What is the motion capture remote control robot technology The robot transmits the information of the dangerous environment to the controller, and the controller makes various actions according to the informat ----more

Reduce LED blinking scheme analysis by stabilizing LED …

One of the challenges of LED light designers is to create lighting systems that produce a constant light output without significant flicker. In systems using single-stage LED drivers, illumination without flicker is difficult to achieve because random distortion of the line voltage causes the LED cu ----more

IAV in Germany uses NI radio frequency instrument to re…

challenge This article refers to the address: http:// Develop a radio frequency (RF) signal test solution for automotive radios and global positioning system (GPS) receivers, reducing time-consuming and expensive field testing while further improving the quality of the equipment. solution: Us ----more

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of WeChat …

Wechat 5.0 advantages and disadvantages Analysis WeChat 5.0 was formally launched, and discussions and controversies that have plagued it for several months seem to have been answered: Wechat Payments, Emoji Store, QR Code Scanning Barcode Quotes, Scanning Translate, Scan Cover, Street Vie ----more