Design of on-board computer module based on ETX

1 Introduction For the operating system of CI off-machine project "In the new hump wireless locomotive signal system, the locomotive host is the nerve center of the locomotive equipment. In the automatic control process, data communication and processing are required in ----more

Interpretation of high-speed digital-to-analog converte…

Abstract: This application note defines the setup and hold times of high-speed digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and gives corresponding legends. These two parameters of the high-speed DAC are usually defined as "positive and negative" values. Understanding the rela ----more

Design of Vehicle Active Anti-collision Control System

I. Introduction With the continuous progress of society, cars are being used by more and more people, and correspondingly, there are more and more traffic accidents. The number of people and property losses caused by traffic accidents every year is staggering. Therefore, vehi ----more

USB port power management

USB port power management Power management has always been one of the main links in the design and maintenance of electronic products. In the past, users who wanted to understand the power supply could only use the limited work instructions on the equipment; with the developm ----more

Industrial Automation System for Analog Signal Data Acq…

Abstract: Industrial control systems conTInue to employ standard analog signals for transmitTIng data between the process and the control equipment. Robust, 4-to-20mA current-loop signals that are easily transmitted over several thousand feet, ± 5 and ± 10V signals are al ----more

Using switched capacitor filter to realize anti-aliasin…

Abstract: Aliasing caused by out-of-band spurious signals is a key issue in the application of A / D converters. Without proper filtering, these signals will seriously affect the performance of data conversion systems. This article mainly discusses the principle of anti-aliasin ----more