G.fast: Making high-speed network deployment faster

As large-scale VDSL2 (Ultra High Speed ​​Digital Subscriber Line 2) vectoring deployments are in use, G.fast technology will upgrade FTTx (Fiber Access) deployments by one level. In 2011, VDSL2 vector technology used "de-copper" next-generation access t ----more

Led drive power circuit diagram design

Under the background of global energy shortage and increasing environmental protection requirements, all countries in the world have vigorously developed green energy-saving lighting. As a revolutionary energy-saving lighting technology, LED lighting is developing rapidly. How ----more

The quagmire is deep: the status quo of the domestic VR…

No demo no content When a content developer compares VR hardware products at home and abroad, it compares it to the difference between domestic and imported cars. In terms of content development, it is originally on the same starting line, but now the difference between domes ----more

Sanan Optoelectronics borrows 140 million yuan from sub…

On October 15th, Sanan Optoelectronics announced that Sanan Integration is a holding subsidiary of the Company and our company holds a 65% stake in Sanan Integration. Sanan Integration borrowed RMB 140 million from the shareholder Sanan Group, with an annual interest rate of 1.20%. The payment was ----more

Millet next generation new conference broadcast! Send m…

In previous publicity, Xiaomi implied the function of Xiaomi TV 3 by using “separate better”, “not expensive”, “beautiful”, “sounds like”, and “bigger and better”. And the characteristics, and according to our news, ----more

Microsoft abandons part of its functions for promotion …

According to reports, in order to establish cooperation with Baidu to better promote the Windows 10 system in the Chinese market, Microsoft reluctantly gave up its MSN homepage and Bing search. Six months ago, a battle took place between the Microsoft Windows team and the team responsible ----more

Robots in various fields have been redefined [Atlas]

[Smart Home] MUSIO, your smart service robot Musio is a home-based robot with artificial intelligence that can perform some basic tasks through learning and adaptive evolution. Unlike Amazon's Echo, Musio's shape is more cute and more powerful. Through speech recognition and ----more